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Protect your tresses in style while you rest. This bonnet it great for those who do not like the feel of elastic or do not want to be bothered bows and stuff.

Bella is made from quality stretch satin, the back is incased with soft ealstic with a very small opening for details, the opening also allows some air flow.

The circumference has soft pleats all around allowing volume but not bulk. A 2" band is attached to the bonnet which wraps and closes with velcro to secure. So the band fits your head size.

One seam at the front and the band is piped in black satin. Bella is made to fit the exact size of your head, so please choose your head size from the options when you order. She also comes in two heights, the height is measured from the small opening at the back to the very edge of the band where the piping ends. Your head aize is determined by measuring the circumference of your head where the bonnet will sit.

To Wear: Open bonnet, push hair/locs up into bonnet, wrap close and secure the velcro. This bonnet will not slip off while you rest.

~~ Color ~~ Gray & Black

**Lengths are as follows:
** 12" = For short to shoulder length hair.
** 16" = For below shoulder to above waist length hair.

100% Polyester Satin
Hand Wash/ Machine wash
Handmade in USA