Black & White Satin Snood Bonnet

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Greetings to all queens worldwide with natural hair, straight hair, wavy hair, long hair, short hair, locs or no hair. This is our new addition to sleep "Silky Sleep Satin Bonnet". Made from soft luxurious stretch satin.


All handmade just for you , this silky satin allows your hair breathe and retain its' moisture as you have sweet dreams.
Not only can you sleep in these stylish bonnets, you can also wear them outdoors. I had a customer that ordered a few to wear to church because she thought they were to fancy to sleep in.
The bonnet  is ruched in the back , has a 1.5" band and a small opening at the back  which allows you to tie to the size of your head. Lined in purple satin.

The band can be tied at the back, of if you get all fancy you can tie it to the side of front. These bonnets fits up to a 24" head comfortably, but comes in two sizes to accommodate the length of hair you have.



Bonnet Sizes:
Small - Medium **** From short hair to bra strap length.
Large - XL **** From mid- back to mid-thigh length

** 100% Polyester
** Machine / hand wash warm, tumble dry low or hang to dry.
Handmade in USA