Brown & White Tam Wrap

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The tam wrap is different to the EZ wrap.. It has a circle crown like a tam and a long band.  Simply pull on over hair and wrap the band to your likeness. 
This one is done in  brown and white knit and lined in solid brown,

** Made from quality stretch fabric and fully lined, they come with various length options. The length of the wrap is measured from the top of the crown to the rim.

** 10" - For starter locs
** 12"  - For short locs that can't wrap in a bun.
** 14" - For shoulder length to long locs that can wrap in a bun.
** 16"  - For long to very long thick locs that can wrap in a bun. Or shoulder length locs that you want to hang .
** 18"  - For thick long locs you want to hang .
** 20" - 22" - For very long locs you want to hang some.


**How to Wear** The wrap stretches comfortably to fit your locs**

Short locs >>> Simply push your locs up in the hat and adjust.
Shoulder Length >>>> Very long locs.. Wrap your locs up in a bun, pull hat over locs, and adjust.
Hanging locs>>>> Pull hat over locs and pack locs to fit the length of the hat, and adjust fit. .That's it.


97% Polyester / 3% Lycra
Hand Wash/ Machine wash
Handmade in USA