Locs / Hair Length Chart


This chart has been created to help you choose the length of your wraps, it works for both male and female. We use quality stretchy fabrics that won't pill, get holes or stay stretched out. So the width of your wraps stretches comfortably to accommodate your locs or hair, you choose the length based on the length and thickness of your hair. 

If you happen to order a stretch hat or wrap that is a tad bit to long, you can scrunch it to adjust the length, this creates a rippling effect which adds details to your wrap, which is a nice touch, as your locs or hair grows the length fills out. These wraps lasts forever, the only thing that happens is that you outgrow them as your hair gets longer. 

NOTE: When choosing your wraps you have the option to have your hair stand tall in the wraps or hang. If you want for them to hang, simply choose a little longer length.

If you still not sure what to order, text Jahfya for an instant response @ 973-609-0077




 Ear - Neck Length
12"  Collar Bone - Shoulder Length
14"  Shoulder - Armpit Length
16"  Mid-Back - Waist Length
18"  Below Waist Length
20"  Beyond Below Waist Length







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