Orange Blossom Wrap Cap

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An essential for fabulous & healthy hair looking. Smooths hair, retains moisture & keeps Your Hairstyle in tact.

You will be very happy with our** EXCLUSIVE** designed Queen hair wrap cap. It's like nothing else available- fashionable, customed to fit, stays in place and made to last. And the most awesome thing is we custom make each wrap to suit your head size.

The Queen hair wrap cap is made of African inspired print cotton with satin lining that protects your hair from drying out and allows comfort, durability and flexibility. Our exclusive unique shape and strong Velcro closure creates a flexible wrap that actually stays in place. When you go to bed with this on to protect tour wrapped hair, no matter how you may toss and turn during your rest, when you awake your wrap cap is still in place.
Not only is this hair wrap great for preserving your style, it also helps retain your hair’s moisture- a must for relaxed, curly & kinky hair types.

Excellent for: 
Both short and long wrap styles, pin curls, coils up-dos and twists. Unique design creates no dents from knots or elastic. The open crown design accommodates hairstyles that require volume on top. 

Wrap cap is 4.5" wide. with a tuck pleat at the front.
Colors in print: Orange,Green, Orange & Cream.. Orange Satin Lining.

** Machine washable
** Handmade in the USA