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We value your feedback at Wrap With Jahfya, so we would love to hear what you think of our products...  Providing us with a photo, video, or written review can not only earn you rewards, but will better help us make sure we provide the best quality and keep our customers happy.

Your submissions will also help others make a better buying decision. A lot of people hates submitting feedback's, so to encourage and thank you for your submissions, we pay you for your input. Ally rewards earned would be credited to your account and you would be able to use these credits with future purchases.

Below you can upload your picture or video reviews ( at least one),when these are approved they will be published. If you just want to do a text review, please go to the product you wish to review and click on Write a Review, to leave your review.

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Submitting an approved photo, video, and written review earns you up to $16.00 in store credit!
To be considered for approval:
1: Written reviews must be a minimum of 20 words.
2: Photo reviews must clearly show the product from a perspective not already shown on the site, and will preferably show the product in use.
3: Video reviews must be at least 30 seconds and clearly show the product in use.
PLEASE NOTE:  by submitting any written, video, or photo review, you grant royalty-free license to Wrap With Jahfya to use and reproduce this material in any media.
Please allow 1-2 business days for store credit to be added to your account.


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