Tan Satin Lined Wig Grip

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Protect your precious hairline with this wig grip. The outer shell of this wig grip is made from velvet and the under side that sits on your head is done in satin.. and fastens with velcro. The satin helps to protect your hairline..
Fasten your wig, hat or scarf securely without glues, tapes, clips or combs. The wig grip is 2 1/4" wide at the front and tapers off to 1 1/2" at the back.

* The wig grip: 
Secures wig in place
Eliminates headaches
Prevents bald spots

The ideal solution for alopecia, chemo/cancer patients, and anyone seeking comfort and security.
Our wig grip is made exclusively fit your head size, and can be adjusted for your comfort,just simply select your head size ( the circumference of your head ).

Note: This Item Is Not Returnable.

Care Instructions: Hand wash in warm water and mild soap, hang to dry.