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All our handcrafted neckties are dope and made from authentic African inspired print cotton. This is the multi-color tribe print. He can be purchased alone or with the matching stretch hat.

The Tie: Approximately 60" long, 4" wide at the widest point: 1.5" wide at the narrowest point, comes with a loop on the underside to tuck in the smaller end to keep in place. Tie as usual.

Colors in print: ,Black,  White, Blue.

The Hat: A blue Stretch hat. Stretch hats is made from quality stretch fabric, the hat is doubled for extra durability, the top of hat is curved , and has a 2.5" band. They come in different length .

Hair Length Chart

** 12" Hat - For short locs that can't wrap in a bun.
** 14" Hats - For shoulder length to long locs that can wrap in a bun.
** 16" Hats - For long to very long thick locs that can wrap in a bun. Or shoulder length locs that you want to hang .
** 18" Hats - For thick long locs you want to hang .
** 20" Hats - For very long locs you want to hang some.

  • Tie: 100% Cotton
  • Dry Clean
  • Hat: 97% Polyester/ 3% Lycra
  • Hand / Machine Wash
  • Handmade in USA