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 These shower caps are made to last for years, shower in style and keep your hair dry. Unlike regular shower caps, these are made with a crown to help keep your hair up, so no matter how long your hair is, it won't hang on your back.

They are sized according to your hair length.

The backing is made from soft vinyl and the shell in taffeta with dots The rim of the cap is done in fabric to prevent skin irriation, and encased with quality elastic.

A two in one cap that can be used to protect your hair from getting wet while taking a shower and also as a deep conditioning cap.

Cap is reversible, can be worn on either side while taking a shower, and worn with the vinyl sitting on your hair for deep conditioning treatment.. Cap comes with a fabric loop, that can be hung when not in use. Choose cap size according to your hair length..

Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle, hang to dry.

Color: Purple with black dots.

  • Backing: 100% Vinyl
  • Shell: Taffeta
  • Fabric rim
  • Hand wash / Machine wash - gentle cycle - Hang to dry
  • Handmade in USA